Seoul Woman Singers

The women's choir, Seoul Woman Singers, which was founded in 1983 by the conductor SeJong Oh, faces the 35th anniversary of its establishment together. He is one of the leading conductors in South Korea with the history of directing well known choirs such as National Chorus and Seoul Metropolitan Chorus in South Korea.

Including the 30th anniversary concert performed in SeJong Art Center, recently the choir had successfully performed the 34th annual concert held in Seoul Art Center. All the tickets were sold out for both performances.

In 1987, Seoul Woman Singers participated in the Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Competition and won Grand Prix award. Seoul Woman Singers is the only awarded Korean choir in the history of the competition. 

Over the years, Seoul Woman Singers actively engaged in invitation concerts in high demand worldwide, including Great Britain, Russia, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Malaysia and United States. It is certainly the front runner of women's choir in South Korea.


Conductor/ Sejong Oh

Piano/ Yoonjin Choi