With the belief that ‘Classic Ocarina septet are endless possibilities!’,


The 'NJ Classic Ocarina Septet' was founded in 2014 and consists of Classic Ocarina majors.


The representative of Ensemble, NamJu Oh, Teaches Classic Ocarina to the Bachelor’s and the Master’s students, majoring Classic Ocarina at Gwangju University which is the only school having Classic Ocarina major in the world. The members of septet are divided into the roles of melody, harmony, and rhythm parts, and each player is an excellent Ocarinist. They keep studying classical original pieces and performing Classic Ocarina based on them.


In addition, they are active in concerts such as 'Yeulmaru Art Hall EXPO Celebration Talent Sharing Ocarina Concert' (2013), 'CTS Daejeon Broadcasting Christian TV Invitation Concert' (2013) and 'Classic Ocarina Concert' in New Jersey Korean Lutheran Church(2016).


Namju Oh, Established the world's first classic ocarina major at Gwangju University, teaches at Gwangju University as an adjunct professor. She majored piano performance and earned a  master's degree in music education from Kyung Hee University and completed her current Ph.D. in  Education at Sejong University. She has long been interested in education for the classic ocarina and started her research, and a few years ago, she donated her master's thesis on "Ocarina Teaching method utilized at elementary after school instrument learning activities" to Molinella City in Italy, the homeland of Ocarina.


She is active in concerts such as 'Italy. Molinella. Auditorium Ocarina Concert(2011), 'Malaysia Kota  Kinabalu, Auditorium Ocarina Concert(2012)' and 'Ocarina Recital Invited to Germany Munster  Academy AKZ (2013). 


Leader/ Namju Oh

Member/ Minja YANG

                  Deughee KANG

                  Seungjin KIM

                  Eunmin KO

                  Eunhae HONG

                  Suhyun LEE