Shin Kwang Churc Choir​

The Shin Kwang Church of New York (SKNY, In Sik Kim, conductor) was first established as part of the Reformed Church of America, which was founded by the Dutch Protestants. This church has been growing under God’s love and grace since it was founded in October of 1985, with numerous worship services on Sunday. The church serves the first, second, even third generations of Korean-American Christians and community with many programs such as a Sunday school, nursery program, Korean school, and Christian Cultural School. SKNY also has two choirs, 4 praise teams, and 2 female vocal ensembles that praise God every week and on special occasions. Each choir holds concerts from time to time, however every choir unites to praise for special worships or events. Through this World Choral Festival for children with cancer, they hope to glorify God and wish that every participant will have the heart of the Good Samaritan. 


Conductor/ In Sik Kim 

Piano/ Sinyoung Kim